Richard Lingeman

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"Those who think they remember Word War II will find it hard to believe they could have forgotten so much that was impressive, touching, cockeyed, stirring, or just plain funny ." New York Times Book Review. "Highly entertaining." Miami Herald "Meticulous and illuminating." Chicago Tribune
"Finely detailed, first-rate social history..." (Newsweek) ..."both a wistbul look back and a collection of provocative insights into contemporary values and problems...vivid detail set out in beautifully fluent writing." (Business Week)
A sympathetic biography of the satirical scourge of Main Street and Babbitry. "Lingeman's Sinclair Lewis is a model of its kind: vivid, but never overdrawn, written in a lean, wry prose that stays grounded in the documentary evidence"—Wall Street Journal "Readable, sensitive to nuance...A warm tribute to the quarrelsome, interesting iconoclast." — NY Review of Books "The most important reevaluation of Lewis in more than a generation...It will certainly provide a biographical touchstone for new conversations."
"it is hard to imagine that anything new or different will be said about Dreiser for a long time to come. Whatever a definitive biography may be, this is surely it."
—Charles Fecher, Chicago Tribune
Double Lives explores the passions and tensions that have enlivened the most significant, most fruitful friendships in American letters.